Standing policy: Safety Nets

The OFVGA believes that the industry must have Safety Net programs in place to assist producers in the event of production catastrophes (weather related) and market pressures (unfair trading practices).  For this reason, the association is a strong proponent for crop insurance programs.  It also supports the alternative option of Self-Directed Risk Management for the industry.

  • CAIS fees (changed to AgriStability in 2012) (07-10)

    WHEREAS the current AGRI-STABILITY fees are onerous for many of the growers across Ontario, and

    WHEREAS without any current or future plans to reduce the AGRI-STABILITY fees.

    THEREFORE be it resolved that the Grape Growers of Ontario request that the OFVGA membership support this motion and request the Federal government to immediately eliminate the current AGRI-STABILITY fees.

  • Continuation of SDRM (08-25)

    WHEREAS, when APF was signed five (5) years ago, all producers were promised two (2) programs CAISP and PI, and

    WHEREAS, over 2000 Fruit and Vegetable producers will have no PI coverage in 2008, and

    WHEREAS, pilot projects are covering only a small number of growers.

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the OFVGA lobby both Federal and Provincial Governments for an SDRM program until a suitable replacement program is developed that is available to all Fruit and Vegetable producers. 

  • Financial support for fruit and vegetable growers (01-24)

    WHEREAS the Ontario fruit and vegetable industry is in dire financial straits, and

    WHEREAS most other fruit and vegetable growing regions both in Canada and the USA have benefited through government support programs, and

    WHEREAS the AIDA and the Whole Farm Relief programs do not meet the needs of the fruit and vegetable industry.

    THEREFORE be it resolved that the OFVGA lobby the provincial government for direct financial support for fresh fruit and vegetable growers.

  • Infrastructure grants for agriculture (LR2009-14)

    WHEREAS the Canadian economy is in a state of crisis; and,

    WHEREAS the Ontario and Canadian governments are considering ways and means to stimulate the economy through infrastructure grants; and,

    WHEREAS agricultural producers are in need of resources with which to make necessary improvements in their infrastructure in order to become and/or remain competitive and continue to be significant employers of farm labour and contributors to the economy.

    THEREFORE be it resolved that the OFVGA and CHC immediately request that both the Ontario and Canadian governments include agriculture as a recipient of infrastructure grants as a means of stimulating the economy.

  • OFVGA safety nets policy (08-19)

    WHEREAS, Safety Nets are intended to off set the risk for all producers, and

    WHEREAS, caps impede the ability of large growers to offset these risks,

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the OFVGA standing policy be changed to oppose caps in Safety Nets programs