OFVGA 2022 Provincial Election Priorities

This week the official provincial election campaign will kick off, which will culminate with election day on June 2, 2022. Over the past number of months OFVGA representatives have been having meetings with each of the political party’s campaign teams to encourage their election platforms to reflect the needs of fruit and vegetable growers. In addition, OFVGA met with many currently elected MPPs in March during a few days of virtual lobby meetings.

As we enter the formal campaign period, OFVGA wishes to ensure that stakeholders and growers are aware of the priorities that OFVGA has been asking the parties to support, and encourage all to share these same priorities if interacting with candidates in advance of the election. OFVGA's priorities have been outlined in a summary document, available for download.

Stakeholders are welcome to use this document as a messaging resource and/or send to election candidates as a follow up to a meeting. Building relationships with all candidates (regardless of political party affiliation) is a valuable activity during the campaign period to raise awareness of our sector and support for our asks, now and in the future.

OFVGA is available to provide additional background information on these priorities, or other issues we are working on, to support members and individual growers have conversations with candidates. If you have any questions or need support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Gordon Stock at 519-803-8413 or