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Here are answers to some questions that are commonly asked of the OFVGA. For more information or questions not listed here, please contact us.

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Do you provide educational materials or giveaways for schools, fairs or other events?

Sorry, the OFVGA does not provide any educational materials or recipe cards for schools, events or fairs. Some of our member organizations, however, do provide these kinds of materials - you'll find contact information on our Links page.


Where can I buy local fruits and vegetables?

We have a good collection of links to local food organizations on the Links page of our website. Look for the "Where to buy" category.


How do I find out more about Container Tolls and the Farm Products Containers Act?

More information about the Farm Products Containers Act and the container tolls collected by the OFVGA can be accessed here.


Can you help me with my Permit to Take Water?

The OFVGA does not assist growers to obtain water taking permits. If you require assistance with acquiring or maintaining a permit you may contact the Holland Marsh Growers' Association at



How do I become a member of Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association?

OFVGA is a nationally recognized not-for-profit that advocates on behalf of Ontario fruit and vegetable farmers, representing members provincially, nationally, and internationally. Our members come from all aspects of edible horticultural production in Ontario.

There are two ways to be a member of OFVGA.

The first is becoming a member of one of the many fruit and vegetable commodity groups that collectively represent Ontario’s fruit and vegetable farmers. You can find a complete list of these organizations here, under membership. It is involvement in these organizations that individuals become members of OFVGA. Please refer to this list to determine the most appropriate organization for your membership.  

The second way is through purchase of containers for sale of edible horticultural products as per the Farm Product Containers Act. More information on the Act can be found here.

Should you require any assistance in determining which organization would be most suitable, please do not hesitate to contact Deanna Hutton at or by phoning 519-763-6160 x116.


How do I find out more about migrant workers, international agriculture workers, the Temporary Worker Program (TFWP) and the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program (SAWP)?

Please visit:


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