Grower resources

Contract worker resources

Farming operations hiring contract workers - best practices

Health care resources

Calling 911 when you need emergency healthcare
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What to expect when calling 911 for a health care emergency
English      Spanish {Video}      Thai      French

Non-emergency health care for international farm workers
English {Video}      Spanish {Video}      Thai {Video}

Emotional/mental health and wellbeing
English {Video}      Spanish {Video}      Thai {Video}

Raising awareness of mental health in agriculture (video)

Continuing the conversation on mental health in agriculture (video)

Farm machinery & tractor safety videos

Rural road safety
English                         Spanish

Preventing machinery entanglement
English                         Spanish

Working alone safely
English                         Spanish

Tractor runovers
English                         Spanish

Tractor rollovers
English                         Spanish

Bicycle safety

Cycling Skills: Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling (English)

Cyclists handbook (created by Bike Windsor-Essex)
English                         Spanish

Income support resources

WSIB FAQ for foreign agricultural workers and their employers​
English   {Video}          Spanish   {Video}

Injured at work? A guide for foreign agricultural workers
English                          Spanish

Learn how to file a claim for benefits

Crop protection

Be Drift Aware - Spray drift education and awareness

Spray drift FAQ document

Manage Resistance Now