ERO # 019-1340 - Updating Ontario's Water Quantity Management Framework

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (OFVGA) welcomes the opportunity to provide input into the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks’ (MECP) consultation on Ontario’s water quantity management framework. Many of OFVGA’s members rely on water for irrigating food crops and are required to hold permits to take water.

With over 3,000 water taking permits for agricultural uses in Ontario, it is important that the agriculture sector’s perspectives are thoroughly considered when water taking policy is being set. Given the importance of having access to adequate water resources for irrigation and fruit and vegetable washing and processing operations, the OFVGA has some longstanding policy positions on the matter, some of which is being addressed by the proposed regulatory changes.

Please include the following positions and considerations as you deliberate the final regulatory changes to Ontario’s water quantity framework.