Standing policy: Industry Partnerships and Relations

  • 2006-10 National replant program

    WHEREAS grapes and tree fruits have been the major fruit crop in Canada which in Ontario alone reflects over $200 million dollars in farm-gate value with an economic spin off over 1 billion dollars,

    WHEREAS this industry has faced increasing challenges from overproduction in competing regions and countries, imports flooding our markets with new varieties, whether for wine or our disappearing juice market,

    WHEREAS there is a great opportunity for Canadian producers to supply the Canadian market with our products that meeting consumer demands

    WHEREAS British Columbia has proved through the strength of their replant program that growers of tree fruits can compete successfully in the world market. British Columbia’s Provincial government has supported a replant program for over 15 years assisting growers to meet market demands and reduce reliance of safety net programs.

    THEREFORE be it resolved that the OFVGA in conjunction with CHC lobby both the Federal and Provincial Governments for the implementation of a National Replant Program for tree fruit and grapes.

  • 2012-14LR Definition of agriculture

    WHEREAS there are currently at least 17 definitions of agriculture that are utilized between 14 to 16 provincial ministries that deal with farmers and food in Ontario;

    AND WHEREAS these definitions have inevitably led to conflict between the farming community and the various ministries as to what, exactly, is a farm and farming activities – whether primary or otherwise;

    THEREFORE be it resolved that OFVGA work with all Ontario farm organizations to develop one standardized definition of farming and farming activities and lobby the Government of Ontario and all its ministries to adopt this singular definition of farming and farm activities and replacing all variable definitions in existing and future legislation.