Standing policy: Promotion

Enhanced promotional activities by the OFVGA in cooperation with industry stakeholders and OMAFRA – Foodland Ontario are supported by the OFVGA.


  • Foodland Ontario (05-01)

    WHEREAS Foodland Ontario continues to provide very useful support to the fresh produce sector in Ontario, consistent with OMAF’s original objectives when the program was introduced and

    WHEREAS the Foodland Ontario symbol is recognized by in excess of 90% of consumers in Ontario and

    WHEREAS based on surveys the Foodland symbol represents locally grown, fresh, high quality, nutritious and safe food.

    THEREFORE be it resolved that the OFVGA and member organizations submit letters of support for the Foodland Ontario Program and for its continuation in the support of Ontario fresh horticulture products.

  • Funding for Foodland Ontario (2011-07)

    WHEREAS the “Buy Local” campaign has been supported by Foodland Ontario and is seen as very valuable to growth in demand for Ontario grown and

    WHEREAS this program has been expanded beyond fruits and vegetables and requires additional funding

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that OFVGA lobby OMAFRA for increased funding for Foodland Ontario.

  • Promotion of Ontario fruit and vegetables for consumption (LR 05-21)

    WHEREAS Fruits and vegetables as part of your diet promotes a healthy lifestyle which is in keeping with the provincial governments policy and

    WHEREAS the OFVGA seeks ways to promote its industry and the health of Ontarians

    THEREFORE be it resolved that the OFVGA communicate with and assist in the provincial government to promote fruits and vegetable consumption within the province as it pertains to the health and welfare of Ontarians

    FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that OFVGA promote healthy dietary choices of Ontario fruits and vegetables across the various Ontario School boards.