Standing policy

Resolutions passed at an Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association (OFVGA) become standing policy after the year in which they are passed. Standing policies are reviewed and either re-affirmed or dropped, as decided by delegates at the annual general meeting, every five years.

Here are OFVGA's standing policies:

Crop Protection

The OFVGA believes the industry must have access to crop protection materials that are competitively priced and are being used in countries that compete directly with domestic producers.

The OFVGA agrees that products harmful to the environment and to the public at large should not be registered, or be used on products in Canada, or on products imported into Canada.

The OFVGA believes that it is in the best interests of the industry, society, and the environment to have well-educated and trained producers working with pesticide application.

Crop Protection policies


The OFVGA strongly supports the “Canadians First” policy in employment practices with a supplementary workforce (under the Foreign Agricultural Seasonal Workers’ Program) from the Caribbean Islands and Mexico.

The OFVGA believes that educating producers on labour protocols and issues is paramount to the sector.  It supports the Farm Safety Association initiatives, employment standards, occupational healthy and safety standards, and the education of employers regarding labour relations between employees and employers.

The OFVGA participants actively in minimum wage consultations and human resources course development.

Labour policies


Enhanced promotional activities by the OFVGA in cooperation with industry stakeholders and OMAFRA – Foodland Ontario are supported by the OFVGA.


Promotion policies


The OFVGA believes in the protection of private property and strongly supports charging individuals convicted of stealing, malicious damage, and other activities that affect farm property.

The OFVGA is a strong proponent of producers’ rights to protect farm property from damage by wildlife (deer) and fowl (Canada Geese).

Property policies


The OFVGA believes that research and development is extremely important to the membership.

Members of the OFVGA are appointed to various Ontario horticulture research sub-committees for providing input into research priorities.

Research policies

Safety Nets

The OFVGA believes that the industry must have Safety Net programs in place to assist producers in the event of production catastrophes (weather related) and market pressures (unfair trading practices).  For this reason, the association is a strong proponent for crop insurance programs.  It also supports the alternative option of Self-Directed Risk Management for the industry.

Safety Nets policies