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Note: This new workplace screening app is setup for farms in Niagara, Haldimand-Norfolk and Windsor-Essex health unit regions. If you are in a different region you may still be able to use the app. For more information, checkout our FAQs here.


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About the App

This app is a tool for employees to facilitate COVID screening of farm workers in their preferred language.

It is an alternative to the current manual and paper-based systems to collect and log the required the workplace COVID-19 screening forms.

The COVID Daily Screening tool is being offered as a result of funding through the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Therefore, the app is being offered at no cost again for the 2022 season.

The screening app tool is available through the Hub Connect App and can be downloaded from:



Android Phone (FREE)

​A How-To Video for how to sign up can be found here.


Appearance of the Screening App

Figure: Mobile phone access to screening questions for employees and visitors

Benefits of the Screening App

  • Identify answers to screening questions in real-time that require immediate attention by the worker, employer and/or local public health;
  • Offer screening questions international farm workers in their native language;
  • Screen workers before they go to their work site, thus potential transmission risk among colleagues;
  • Automate farm employer record keeping that can support contact tracing (while reducing red tape)
  • Adjust the screening questions, criteria and process as required by the evolving public health guidelines and requirements, including questionnaire content, timing and reporting of results by the employers, as required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What if I am located in a different health unit region?

    The workplace screening app is setup for farms in Niagara, Haldimand-Norfolk and Windsor-Essex health unit regions.

    If you’re from another health unit region and would also like to use the app, you’re able to do so.  There is no restriction on geography within Ontario; we just wish to point out that for all regions outside of these three regions, the screening app is based on Windsor-Essex health unit’s set of screening questions.  We realize it’s possible that some of the other 31 health units choose to have unique screening questions that are not in the Windsor-Essex set of questions.  So if you would like to use the app outside of these three health units, you may want to check to make sure your health unit is using an equivalent list to the Windsor-Essex list of screening questions.  If there are sufficient differences, please contact Andrew Hurrell to see if it’s possible to get a customized set of screening questions within your health unit.

  • Who is the Daily COVID Screening tool for?

    The Daily COVID Screening tool is for Ontario farms that need to collect and log daily COVID screening assessments for their employees and visitors, as part of keeping their work environment safe.

  • What does the Daily COVID Screening tool do?

    Daily COVID Screening provides an automated tool to collect and record assessments in multiple languages, receive instant notifications any failed assessments, produce reports and be able to respond to any future Public Health enquiries related to personnel.

  • What does the Daily COVID Screening tool cost?

    There is no charge for Ontario farms to use the Daily COVID Screening again for the 2022 season. Funding has been provided by OMAFRA and AAFC, with OFVGA coordinating the project.

  • How do I get started with the Daily COVID Screening tool?

    When the system become available in your region:

    1. Install the HUB Connect App on your smartphone. (see download links above)

    2. Open HUB Connect and select your region

    3. If the system is available in your region, you will see a “COVID Tools” option. Under COVID Tools, select “FARM UP - COVID Screening Tool” and follow the instructions.

    If the system is not available in your region yet, contact OFVGA to find out when it will become  available.

  • What if I have temporary workers come to my farm?

    Workers who work at different farms over the course of the season cannot register for more than one farm. If you hire temp agency workers, use the Visitor screening function to log daily screening results for these types of workers. See the How do I collect visitor assessments? section below for more details.

    If using temporary help agencies, be sure to follow best practices to prevent virus spread on your farm by reviewing the following guidelines:


Help & Support

User Guides

  • Employer User Guide (version 1.1)
  • Employee User Guide (version 1.1)
    English          Spanish


How to Videos: Employers
Click here for How To Hub Connect Daily Covid Screening YouTube Video Playlist.

Sign Up for Daily COVID Screening Tool


Add Employees for Daily COVID Screening


How to Videos: Employees

Getting Started with Daily COVID Screening Tool



Commonly Asked How To Questions

How do I add my employees?

  • Remember employees must be added to your farm before they can submit any screening assessments.
  • We recommend using your computer instead of your phone for adding employees.

IMPORTANT: The farm administrator only registers the farm ONCE. After the farm account is set-up you simply “Add employees” using the dashboard. Employees do not use the Farm sign-up form.

There are two options to add employees to your farm:

  • Add the employees yourself as the administrator and they will receive a welcome email as confirmation

  • Let the employees register themselves, using the 5-digit registration code assigned to your farm’s account. The registration code is found in the middle of the dashboard header (see image below)

With the self-registration, the administrator must ‘approve’ each registration before it become active.


How do I set up scheduled reminders for my employees?

  • It might be a bit easier to do this from your PC than your phone.
  • In the DASHBOARD, look under “Update Account Settings”, towards the bottom, there is "Email Notification Configuration”.
  • You can set up a daily reminder schedule employees, with options for custom schedules, by department or group or individual.
  • You may choose to set that up for a while, and then shut it off when everyone has the knack of it, but that’s entirely up to you.
  • It’s the same spot where you can set-up a daily summary of the results to be sent to you as well as automated notification for every new employee requests or notifications of failed tests, in case you wanted those too.

How do I collect visitor assessments?

For scheduled appointments: Remember you can send them the link (copy & paste it from the “Visitor Health Screenings” tab).


For drop-ins you can create a simple poster like the following (see image below).

Just change your info and replace the QR with your specific one (again, you can cut & paste it from your “Visitor Health Screening” tab. 

Visitors just scan the QR code by pointing their phone camera at it when they arrive, tap the link and fill in the screening assessment on the spot.

IMPORTANT: Remember that this link is ONLY FOR VISITORS and not to be used by employees. Employees must sign-in to submit their assessments. 


How do I capture Daily Screening for Temp Agency Workers and other Contractors?

Temp agency workers, who may work at different farms over the course of the season, cannot register at more than one farm. As a result, use the Visitor screening function to log daily screening results for these types of workers. See HOW TO HANDLE TEMP AGENCY WORKERS document or the information below for more details.

If using temporary help agencies, be sure to follow best practices to prevent virus spread on your farm.

Note: these are workers who rotate around different farms for short periods of time. Temp Agency workers are different than SAWP or TFW Workers, who are working at your farm, often with provided housing.

When workers arrive to work on your farm that are not employees in your system, such as temp agency workers or technicians, you can use the VISITOR feature of the COVID Screening App to log their presence and collect their COVID screening assessment each day to are on-site.

1. Go to the Visitor Health Screening tab

2. Provide the worker the visitor link or QR code from your account. The code is available when you click the “QR Code” button.

3. You may print the QR Code or copy & paste the QR code into sign that is posted at your entrance(s):

4. Each temp agency worker or contractor scans to code and follows the link.

  • The worker enters their name and contact info (either phone number or email address)
  • The worker completes and submits their daily assessment
  • The worker will receive an instant PASS/FAIL notification

5. The employer will receive an instant notification of any FAILED assessment
The employer will have a record of each one of the daily screens accessible and reportable as required.

6. For example, if you need a log of visitors between certain dates, go to the “VISITOR SELF-ASSESSMENT REPORT AND SUMMARY PAGE”, enter the FROM and TO dates in the filter box and click apply. You will see all the applicable self-assessments for that period, which you can view these assessment sor download them to excel, as required.

Note: the visitor self-assessment results are maintained separately from the employee results for your farm. However, both are searchable and download, based on what you are looking for.


How do I turn on the temperature check recording feature?

  • Login and go to “Update Account Settings” and select “Services and Scheduling” options. Select one of two options, depending on which information needs to be captured:
    • Enter and record the actual measured temperature
    • YES/NO question on whether the employee has a fever

Note: the system asks for temperature in Fahrenheit, but employees can enter information in Celsius.

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